One City!

One heist!

One rally!

Chase the thief through Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.


The Agents’ Rally from 03rd June to 11th June 2023.

The mayor of Solingen has discovered the formula for happiness & wealth. At last he can lead Solingen to the world fame the city deserves.


But no! When he comes to the town hall the next day, he finds that the formula has been stolen by the biggest villain in the world: that damned Dr. Scelestus!


Quick, the formula must be retrieved! But the police can’t help and all the agents of the BND are out in the field.


But you! You have time and you must help recover the formula. So get in the rally car and go on the biggest chase the world has ever seen!


Get Dr. Scelestus! Save the world! She’s counting on you. Don’t let them down.

The BND Rally is a rally for all cars and motorbikes older than 10 years. It is a “scavenger hunt” for adults and not about reaching a top speed.

You will drive for 8 days through Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. You will only find out where you are going at the start. There you will receive your road book with your tasks. You have to guess your next destination by means of riddles and then find your own way there via country roads. On the way, you will pass many beautiful landmarks of the individual countries and cross wonderful landscapes.

The average distance per day is about 220 kilometres and the average daily driving time is about 5 hours. So there is plenty of time to take a look at the places.

You will also not know where the day’s destination is until you receive the roadbook, and thus where you will be staying overnight. This is part of the adventure and presents you with great challenges. You can also order a carefree hotel package, which we will be offering soon.

More details about the rally can be found here.

We are happy to answer your questions about the rally. Feel free to write or call us.

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Timm & Marc

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