One City!

One heist!

One rally!

Chase the thief through Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.


The Agents’ Rally from 01.06. to 08.06.2024.

An adventure like none before awaits the world’s classic car drivers!


The mayor of Solingen has discovered the formula for happiness and wealth and is determined to lead his city to the world fame it deserves. But fate has something else in mind: the formula has been stolen! And by whom? By the world’s greatest villain, of course – Dr. Scelestus!

The police are powerless and all the agents of the BND are on the job. But you have the chance to save the world and get the formula back! You can join the greatest chase the world has ever seen with your classic car.



The BND Rally is the chance of a lifetime! Your classic cars is your tools and the roadbook your only guide. Within eight days, you will drive through Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany to complete your mission. You will learn your tasks by solving puzzles that will lead you to your next destination. You will pass numerous beautiful sights and drive through breathtaking landscapes.

Each day will prepare you for a new challenge as you cover an average of 220 kilometres, spending 5 hours on the roads. The tension will mount as you not only chase Dr. Scelestus, but also battle against the other teams.

You won’t even know where you’ll be staying until you’ve solved the puzzles in your roadbook. But that’s only part of the adventure!

What are you waiting for? Grab your vintage car and take part in the BND Rally to save the world and get the glory you deserve.

You can find more details about the rally here. We are always available to answer your questions.

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Marc and Timm

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